DSC_0310_2 200  I arrived here from Scotland at the fragile age of 18, during the turbulent 60’s, to a country in struggle. The only way that I could enter America, on a permanent basis, was to become a Nanny. This afforded me the privilege of a home with a family for a years contract. Fortunately, I learned quickly how to ask for the best and as soon as the initial contract expired I landed a dream Nanny job. (More about this in my next book, “Hindsight”)

Moving past the Nanny stage, I learned and excelled at many diverse careers. From managing different shops, personal assistant, entrepreneur and stage director to banker, cabaret performer and nail technician. The amazing thing is that throughout all of these unique careers I helped to catapult others into powerful positions of “ self acceptance and success”, never once expecting anything in return. I have always believed in the principle of living in integrity; that is being true to myself with the fortitude that my beloved mother “Ida “ had instilled in me back in Scotland.

Having developed a unique ability to adapt and to change my circumstances I have never been afraid to risk. Choices I have made throughout my life may not always have been the wisest but they served me well and I have no regrets. So through several troubled and confusing marriages I continued to search for answers.

At one point I took a seven-year pilgrimage, where I stripped myself of almost all of my belongings, including my bed. I put what I had left into my vehicle and took off. Many miracles unfolded for me during these 7 years. My writing took on a whole new life and I felt graced with the gift of being able to inspire others with my words. I totally allowed spirit to guide me and thus began my life, as I know it now.

I find it to be ironic that today we are back at the same juncture where my life in America began. I have moved on but our country and more sadly our world is still searching for answers— we are fighting a war both from without and from within.

Books are emerging that cry for the world to listen—”The Law Of Attraction” “The New Earth” and the “Four Agreements” just to name a few. I take this opportunity to add “Soul Talking—Wisdom In Rhyme” and trust that it will bring you great joy. Remember, the sun always rises – be sure that it shines on you!

Oooodels of Love!   Mahri


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