Well the time has come. It is time to fess up. There are times that I experience extreme sadness and though I can intellectualize, about all of the good in my life, in that time of sadness nothing looks good.
There are perfectly good explanations for these feelings, though at the time, they are within me, knowing this does nothing to alleviate the feeling.
I have come to learn that it comes with the territory of being an intuitive. Being sensitive to all of the solar energies and eclipses etc. etc. I must also be SO careful to protect myself by taking extreme care, of my being, through diet and exercise.
The Doctor would like to say “you are suffering from depression” and give me some magic pill to take. I don’t know about you I am not interested in taking a pill that could only cause more problems.
So why am I saying anything about this? Because we, as a society, have become so caught up in the drama of certain maladies we are hesitant to admit that we would ever have “that”!
The other day I talked to a friend I have known for more than 45 years and she admitted that she has had this situation going on most of her life. Who knew?
Now the wall is down and we can be there for one another and help sort out what is real and what is not. Because at the time, it is going on, there is a tendency to blame everyone and everything around us. And NONE of that is real. It is simply a time for us to hunker down, take warm bubble baths, listen to our Higher self in guidance of our eating and exercise. And if we feel like crying – cry! And avoid the blaming and just allow nature, sunlight and quiet to caress our beings into a peaceful and more calm space. No matter how we feel there is always someone out there who has experienced some of these feelings and it is so good to know that we have somewhere to turn.
Nobody can “fix” this – it is simply part of the life process and personal growth. Be patient and know that you are not alone and that it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. However, instead of giving it fuel, don’t own it. Perhaps a good thing to say as a mantra each day might be.
“I am grateful for having peace of mind.” Just a thought!

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More with Honey

Perhaps if we checked our “come from”, when we are discoursing those situations we are less than happy with, we might find new ways to bring solution. For instance, when things in our town are not being handled in a way that please us, instead of complaining and finding fault, we might find more joy and accomplishment when we look inside ourselves for pro-active solutions to these various situations. I believe that, others only get backed up in a negative way when they are bombarded with angry, fearful and even hostile rhetoric.
However, if we are open enough to looking beyond the fear, we can drop some honey in of our own and encourage them to seek another way to create solution. There are times when we don’t understand how our energy can affect others. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we can create total misunderstanding of our true nature. This is where the understanding of “giving choice a voice” can be most advantageous. We get to choose every moment of our experience in this lifetime and every lifetime to come. All we need to do is take ownership of this gift. Life will be so sweet when we choose honey!

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Outside the Box

The Sun May 23 2013

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In this world, where we are being screamed at to make this choice or that choice, it is imperative that we quiet our minds and go inside and listen to our intuition. It is time to take responsibility for our own choices and to trust the feedback we are given, moment by moment, within our own bodies. Taking the initiative and allowing our, God given, senses, means that we will get to feel the results of our decision making in an accountable way.
Feeling educated and informed, on those things we are curious about, goes a long way too, however, be sure to trust your intuition before you take the plunge. And give choice a voice.

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This Perfect Moment

When we envision our day going forward do we look on it as an adventure? Do we plan every last second out with meetings here and doings there and phone calls and got too’s? Do we give special time for ourselves that is not sleeping or eating time? Do we allow time for an adventure?
Each moment of our day is a perfect moment and in that perfection we can allow joy and excitement. We may not know what path it may take, however, we can intend the adventure to be powerful and positive. There will be no doubt that we will recognize this perfect moment when it arrives.

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When I visualize the outcome, of any interaction or happening, I can let go and trust that visualization. This is what manifesting is. With a detailed visualization in place Universe has only one thing to do and that is to match the visualization. It is not for us to know how. Trust is the key proponent of manifestation.

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No Mistaking the Connection

There is no mistaking the power of connection or I might say Reconnection. However, in this instance, I get it to be the simple power of connection. When we are in a place of our individual, connection to our Highest selves, we effect all those around us. This is a choice and it is up to us to make this happen on a daily basis. This is not to say that we ignore all the apparent negativity going on around us. It means we choose to focus in a different direction and perhaps infuse a little love into those situations. Giving choice a voice we simply choose the High road and allow ourselves the choice of ways of being that support a positive and creative path. When we choose acceptance instead of judgement, and when we choose unconditional love and peaceful as our ways of being, we immediately attract the good things in life. Have you ever noticed how infectious this can be? What has occurred is that a simple connection or frequency has come into alignment and we begin to recognize those who are on that same frequency. Needless-to-say it also happens in the reverse, that is why it is imperative that we take responsibility for our own way of being. Give choice a voice.

Ooooodles of Love Mahri

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Breathing Joy into Life

Instead of going onto automatic, as we begin our day, what if we create the joy and peace, we say we want, by breathing it into our lives. Set the alarm for one full hour before we really need to get up and use the time to meditate, breathe, exercise and create a powerful plan for the day. During this time we can also take time to count our blessings. Focusing on all of those things we are grateful for, in itself, can be the difference between a joy filled day and a day of stress. Switch off the news and leave the newspapers alone. Later, if you still choose to avail yourself of this infiltration of good or bad, first protect yourself from those harmful infiltrations of negativity. And always first, breathe. Breathe in all the goodness and let go of any of the stresses that maybe lingering from yesterday. When we encounter someone, who is clearly intent on focusing on all of those negative things that are on their mind, simply send them an outpouring of love. They don’t even need to know that you are doing this. It works! The more we take responsibility for what we are seeing in our lives the quicker we can begin to turn it all around. We are not responsible for the choices another makes. We are, however, responsible for our attachment to judgment of those choices. Sending love, in a silent wave, over the frequency of connection, works. Simply breathe in deeply and summon up all the love you can feel and contemplate the direction you wish to send it, focusing on the heart of the individual or individuals. Visualize this soul or these souls as joyful and peaceful and let the breath of love infiltrate their being. We are all One and we all deserve love. Breathing Joy into Life Instead of going onto automatic, as we begin good or bad, first protect yourself from those harmful infiltrations of you can feel and contemplate the direction you wish to send it, focusing on the heart of the individual or individuals. Visualize this soul or these souls as joyful and peaceful and let the breath of love infiltrate their being. We are all One and we all deserve love.

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Look around you. Are you a victim of your past? Are you still identifying yourself by your past? Do you still feel the need to qualify your way of being because of someone else? Is your conversation about the “good old days”? What are you experiencing? Does it look like an extension of your past? This is your evidence.

Perhaps it is time to create a new beginning; one that doesn’t rely¬†on your qualifying stories; one which depends on choosing in the moment as to what or how you choose to be. Let’s face it – we came here to earth to experience joy, love and peace and the only way we can do this is to choose wisely in the moment. Stop! Think! Change your conversation! Change your life

If your “story” sounds like blame or excuses, this is your evidence that is not working for you. Be responsible for what you are putting out into our Universe. Let the past go and take charge, creating a life that you dream about. Change the evidence to what you choose to visualize for yourself. And here is the good news. If you can visualize it, it is possible.

Your epitaph should read, “evidence shows that ————-lived a full life and learned to live in conscious choice each moment thus creating a joy filled, peaceful, giving and loving life.”

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Walk the Talk

  • There is only ever one way to get what we want and that is to ask for it. Why, when we say we are not getting what we want, do we not notice that our language is all about reasons for it not showing up. So, it seems so simple to me “give choice a voice”! Remember, you get what you ask for!Perhaps we actually don’t feel deserving and that is why we shoot all possibilities down before they have an opportunity to be fulfilled. We must begin to pay attention to our conversation and create the good in our world that we, so often declare, that we want.

    “Ask and ye shall receive.” It is never important to know how it will come only that we trust in the power of manifestation. Let’s visualize and create that picture of all that we want as a done deal. When we do, we will bring about a life of abundance and joy.

    The first thing that we must learn is to be willing to “give it up” or “let it all go” and trust that it will all be replaced with even better and more. When we are busily hanging onto all our “stuff” or all our money, we are saying that there is not enough and it will never come back. This is a scarcity thinking that is bringing about exactly what we are forecasting. If you have any difficulty, wrapping your brain around this, contact me and allow me to assist you in shifting this block. I walk the talk!

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